A Need for Increased Roadway Safety

Every year we lose more than 30,000 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters on U.S. roadways, while 2.2 million are injured, and 15% of these statistics are pedestrians.

Many efforts are being made to reduce these tragedies and to improve guidance-control, including bigger and brighter signs, wider and brighter lines, and cable barriers or barrier walls on our highways for containment control.

Prevent damage to median noses Increase median safety and delineation Save lives in pedestrian refuges

In many locations, mountable center medians for access control and pedestrian safety have a low profile design to reduce the impact effect on the control of the vehicle. However this profile causes them to be visually blended into the surrounding roadway…difficult to see in the daytime and nearly impossible to see at night. As a result they are repeatedly impacted, causing damage to the vehicle and sometimes loss of control, putting both motorists and pedestrians in danger.

Unfamiliar traffic circles and pedestrian refuges are concerns among transportation agency officials and the general public. Traffic circles are still new to the U.S. and can be challenging for a motorist to navigate. Pedestrian refuges are designed as a "safe standing area" or "refuge area" for pedestrians crossing a multilane roadway. Often the only thing between the pedestrian and the oncoming vehicle in this "safe area" is the nose of the mountable medians, which can be very difficult to see.

Now we have a solution... the Median-Alert™