Inherent Issues with Current Solutions

Over the years road departments have been increasing their usage of concrete medians as a form of traffic delineation and guidance. These curbs help to provide for vehicular efficiency, safety and pedestrian safety. However, they also pose a very dangerous obstacle within the roadway system. If not identified by the motorist, when struck they can cause loss of control, vehicular damage and in some cases rollover of the vehicles.

Transportation agencies across the globe use several devices and markings in an attempt to prevent these accidents. But most solutions are simple repurposing of products not necessarily designed for this use, and in many cases they are ineffective. The photos below demonstrate these devices and some of their inherent issues.


Delineator posts alone are narrow compared to the median
  • Adhesion issues
  • Small compared to median
  • No contrast
  • Small reflective surface

Reflective Pavement Markers

Reflective pavement markers dont adhere well to concrete
  • Poor Adhesion to concrete
  • Directional retroreflectivity
  • Poor day time contrast


Paint is less visible at night with less retroreflectivity
  • Retroreflectivity Levels
  • Durability
  • Fading
  • Contrast